Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thankful November

 As we wrap up November, I'm reminded of all the things I have to be thankful for. One thing I love about the holiday season is that it allows us to spend time with family and slow down a little with our fast paced lives. Alli was off school this past week and we didn't have dance/gymnastics/Bible study, so it was nice to slow things down. We were able to catch up on some house things, do some cleaning, organize some toys/clothes and spend some quality time together. Anyways, as much fun as we've had, I'm excited to welcome December and all the fun activities we have planned! I'm SO excited about going to Dallas this weekend to work at the Operation Christmas Child processing center with some fellow FBC friends. I also cannot wait to travel up to Illinois and see my family. We've also got several Christmas parties, events and other fun things to do this month. Anyways, here's a recap of some of the fun we've had this month. I'm so thankful for all the blessings that He has given us!
   A couple week ago we took the girls to see the new Peanuts movie. It was Emily's first time at the movies. She did surprisingly well considering we were 30 minutes early and had 25 minutes of previews... and then a 90 minute movie. I think all the popcorn and snacks helped! :)
   The girls love to play together and I find them in random places throughout the house... this day I found them in the garage rearranging the toys and playing in the empty pool with their stuffed animals.
We met our friends at Chick-fil-A a couple weeks ago and had fun playing with them. It's always nice to get some time together with the Greers. 
 Chris was out of town for 4 days in Colorado Springs last weekend so we had to have a "movie watching night" with a pallet on the floor and popcorn... their favorite.
 Alli had her Thanksgiving program at school. They sang several songs and then had a lunch together like the Pilgrims and Indians.

 Last week was Operation Christmas Child week at FBC and we had a great time packing our boxes! It's one of my favorite things to do every year. The girls helped me pack our boxes and Alli got to pack her own box this year for a 4 year old girl... she LOVED it. I volunteered a couple times at church to help process boxes and had a great time working alongside my FBC family. I pray that our boxes will make it to the right kids that God has planned for them and that they'll know someone loves them and is praying for them.

 We then hit up the park that day because it was 60 degrees and beautiful... it was so nice to burn off some steam. I love our neighborhood park. Its never busy and its so nice to have it right down the road.

We went to Bryant on Thankgiving day to eat with the Rippy side. The girls had a great time playing with family and we ate a lot of yummy food. :)

 This wasn't a "fun" event in November, but it cracked me up. Our garbage disposal had broken so Chris had to replace it. The replacement one we bought was unfortunately leaking, so we had to take it off, return it, and get a new one... Anyways, the girls got to "help dad" and I thought it was too cute to watch them "working."

And last, but not least, we had family pictures taken last weekend. They turned out great!! We're always so thankful for Becke' and how hard she works to get us great pictures. Here's a few of my favorites! :)

 This one is my favorite... their smiles just melt me! LOVE their sweet personalities!

 Gah.. she is the cutest little lady! LOVE her!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Night of Mystery and Mayhem

   We hosted another Murder Mystery party this year with our home church and I cannot even describe how much fun it was! I really do love doing them (even though they are a lot of work and I usually end up spending more than I'd like to), and this year we decided to do Murder of a Millionaire. We threw around several different options, but I'm glad we decided on this one. I liked the idea of dressing up like we all have money. :) I was the millionaire's widow and apparently I only married him for his money... I was in my 20's and he was 50. I was cheating on him with the pool boy... ha. Such a good faithful wife right!? I found my costume for $13 at Yours Truly Consignment here in Conway. I added lots of bling to look like I was rich... and of course a hat! Anyways, I sent out invitations about a month before to give people plenty of time to get their costumes ready. This year we did it with our home church and then one other couple that we go to church with that we're all really close to. I think that's what makes the difference when everyone knows each other well. If people aren't real comfortable or don't know each other, they just don't seem to get into character as much. Anyways, this one turned out great! I had Marketplace Grill here in Conway cater so we didn't have to worry about bringing food and we did the party at Chris' office. It literally was the perfect location. It's an old Victorian house that smells like an old person's house. It also has really neat architecture and was probably top notch when it was built. Not to mention it used to be a funeral home.... yes...CREEPY! So that added to the ambiance. We ate dinner, used our clues, and had a great time. I can't wait to do another one next year with the same group! Here's pictures from the night. :)
Shane was the Butler & Anna was the Maid (married in the mystery and in real life :) )
 Shane, Anna, Amy the younger daughter (mine & the millionaire) and Scott the Chauffer (They are actually in-laws... the boys are brothers!)
 Scott and Amy 
 Bubba was the accountant & the Mieke was the detective (married in real life)
 Mieke was a trooper for joining us at 39 weeks preggers!
 Khristy was the millionaire's sister & Lance was the millionaire's best friend
 Lisa was the millionaire's psychologist (and she's one in real life! :))
 John was the son of Khristy (millionaire's nephew) and Maggie was the millionaire's ex-wife
 John and Maggie
 Chris was the attorney (how fitting right!?) and I was the millionaire's widow
 Prom pose
 The whole group!
 LOVE all these peeps!
 The girls
 Shane ruining our picture
 Being silly
 The guys
 Gotta love 'em
 The certificate winners: Bubba (far left) best costume; Lindsay (middle) drama queen- best acting; Chris (middle) most money and guessing the correct killer; John (far right) guessing the correct killer
 C'mon baby girl!

These pics came from my phone... they were marginal, but they showed what the office looked like
The sheriff reading us the investigation
Where the millionaire was killed in his home

A memorial table to our millionaire 

The murder!