Monday, December 10, 2012

20 months

Can you believe she is 20 months old!?! And I seriously don't remember anyone telling me how much fun kids get. I mean, I know the baby stage was never "my thing," but everyone always said "oh the terrible 2's, wait until they talk back to you, blah blah." Which I'm sure when all that happens I'll be like, oh man, this is pretty rough; However, she is so much fun right now. We play a lot and laugh a lot more. She is really tender-hearted and so smart. She is obsessed with babies. I mean like obsessed. Like she points them out anywhere we go and pretty much any child under the age of 15 is considered a "baby." And all adults are mommas and daddies. She talks constantly... I mean constantly. Like I'm worried when they are full-on sentences I may be wishing she was more of a "quiet" child. However, since she's turning more and more into a mini-me (scary I know!), I'm not surprised one bit. We've been sort of on a nap hiatus the last month or two and it's driving me nuts. I get the whole "your almost 2 year old doesn't nap?" a lot. She went almost 2 weeks without it, then went 2 weeks with it, and now the last 3 days she's without again. The weird part is she honestly isn't tired at all and I'm usually just putting her down because I know she probably "should" nap. However, I just chalk it up to the fact that she just doesn't need that much sleep and she gets most of it at night. We put her down at 8 and she's usually asleep by 8:30 and she sleeps until 8 every morning. I mean I could wake up early and wake her up and then I'm sure she would nap, but I'm really enjoying sleeping in, so we just deal with it. The good part is, she is ok to just play around in her crib, so I lay her down anyways and she usually talks and plays if she doesn't sleep so I still get a break. Anyways, we had a big accomplishment today! For all you mommas out there, I know you'll understand my excitement. However, everyone else it's ok if you think I'm crazy for broadcasting it! But, Alli went in the potty by herself! She's been showing signs for awhile that she was interested and we haven't pushed it at all. She knows how to tell me when she needs to go poo poo (TMI, sorry!) but hasn't figured out going pee pee yet. Anyways, she told me she needed to go (#2... I'll use numbers to make it less disgusting) and we sat on the potty and read books and she went! I mean to say I was excited was an understatement!! We clapped, called daddy, and made a big deal out of it. She usually can tell me when she needs to go, but it's usually after the fact or sometimes we go sit and nothing happens. Needless to say, I'm hoping we are moving in the right direction. I'd sure love to be out of diapers :) She seems to be past the tantrums for a little bit; They honestly weren't that bad (I know, YET), but she absolutely hates being sent to her room (hmmm, just like her mom did) so that seems to have worked better than spanking. Plus the girl is emotional (what girl isn't?!) so we can usually say "no" firmly enough and she'll cry and stop. We've been working on some letters a little bit and she knows A, B, C, D, E, H, I, O and S. Random I know. We started with A, B, and C and spent awhile on them, and now we've just used the other ones that are in the bathtub (D, E, H, I, O, S). She seems to catch on pretty quickly. Sometimes she gets mixed up, but I'd say more often than not she is spot on. We were at Hobby Lobby the other day and she pointed out the "A" in the word Seasonal. You can tell I'm a teacher can't you?! I get excited about her learning letters. :) We haven't started much on numbers yet. I figure we've got plenty of time until Kindergarten. She loves to help me clean, she's awesome at taking out the trash, and yesterday she helped me brush Jack with the Furminator. (The best dog brush known to man-kind). She has 2 of her 2 year molars in, and I think the top two are on their way. She is chewing on her fingers constantly! Our food allergy journey is still about the same. I have been rather frustrated because now that I have figured out how to substitute and make her meals the same as ours just with dairy free ingredients, she won't eat them. She is just such a picky eater. Imagine that! We drove all the way to Whole Foods in Little Rock looking for some dairy free yogurt that she would like (Since O'Soy has milk and Soy & co. she doesn't like) and I bought some Silk brand and tried it this morning.... and of course she didn't like it! Ugh! We've had our share of birthday parties where she can't eat what everyone else is having. It still makes me so sad. I just keep praying that one day she may outgrow them. We make homemade pizza, but she just doesn't like the daiya cheese substitute we use. Anyways, it's easy to whine because it can get so frustrating, but I am truly thankful for all the options that are out there. I can't imagine having food allergies 50 years ago! We hardly ever eat out because it's impossible to know what's put in things, but now that I'm home I don't mind cooking. I'm am so so thankful and so blessed to be able to stay home with her and teach her things and watch her grow up. Things are never always easy, but it is truly a blessing! She is getting a KidKraft Kitchen for Christmas and we set it up last week. It's taking every ounce in my body not to open her playroom and let her go see it! (Yes we turned our office into a playroom... another post to come on that!) And if I get time before Friday I'll be posting about Chris' 12 days of Christmas gifts idea.... I'm SO excited about it... Thank you pinterest! :)

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